The Benefits of Showing an Oklahoma Show Steer

When it comes to exhibiting cattle, the showstick is an invaluable tool. It can be used to adjust the top line, by applying pressure to the naval area or flank with the hook of the lever.

If the rump is steep and the loin is high

, pressure can be applied to this area to reduce it. Additionally, lightly scratching the animal's belly can help keep it tranquil and stop the loin from rising again.

The showstick can also be utilized as a control device when walking. Place the lever in your left hand, with the handle or about one third of the distance downward, with the tip always facing the ground. This will enable you to use it as an extra control tool if necessary. If the animal moves too quickly, use the part of the cane between your left hand and the tip or end of the hook to stop it.

Never hit or strike, simply place the cane in front of your nose. When doing a show, it's essential to practice good posture. If you have to lean forward, do so slightly, as this expresses positive interest or concern. When the animal is stopped, always scrape it with a long, calm movement of the lever. A quick hit only indicates that you're nervous and can also make your calf anxious.

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