Tips for Selecting a Quality Oklahoma Show Steer

If you're looking to raise a meat animal for the exhibition ring, it's essential to begin with a good one and maximize your potential. According to Jake Franke of Franke Cattle Enterprises, who has 27 years of experience with show livestock, there are several key elements to consider when selecting a quality Oklahoma show steer. These include chest width, some clearance or width on the floor, additional body and rib shape, and a genuine shape or twist in the upper part of the skeleton. In addition to picking a good steer, it's also important to be consistent in how you feed them, take care of their health and the quality of their hair and skin.

This means that from start to finish, the entire process must be consistent. This includes providing proper nutrition, health care and daily management. Raising an exhibition calf for the show ring is a long and slow project that involves many hours of feeding, grooming, exercising and training with halters. It's essential to remember that every aspect of the project is vital to succeeding in the ring.

With these tips in mind, you can select a quality Oklahoma show steer and maximize your potential.

Amanda Endres
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