How Long Does it Take for a Steer to Reach Full Maturity?

When a calf is born, it stays with its mother for about 6 months. This is the time when they are considered calves until they begin to wean. At this stage, they start to feed on grass and hay, which marks the beginning of the feeding stage. As they continue to feed and grow, they enter the growth stage.

Cows usually reach full maturity at two years of age. When a heifer is just over a year old, it has reached puberty and can reproduce. Generally, heifers are raised around 15 months, which means they will have a baby when they are around 24 months old. By then, they have grown to their full size and are able to give birth and care for a calf.

The restocking rate for toxic fescue was 1.5 steers per acre and that of non-toxic fescue was one steer per acre. Steers that grazed on bermuda pastures gained 1.7 pounds per day, while oxen that grazed alfalfa (2.8 pounds per day), chicory (2.5 pounds per day) and cowpea (1.9 pounds per day) gained more rapidly and had a greater thickness of back fat at the time of slaughter. Steers that ended up being conventionally confined gained 4.4 pounds per day, while steers fed with concentrated pasture supplements gained 2.5 pounds per day. In conclusion, it takes two years for a steer to reach full maturity.

During this time, they go through the feeding and growth stages, gaining weight and fat as they get older. The restocking rate and the type of food they consume also affects their growth rate.

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