What are the Judging Criteria for an Oklahoma Show Steer?

The placement of the legs is an essential factor when it comes to judging an Oklahoma show steer. The view presented to the judge and what makes the animal look better should be taken into account. When the cattle are lined up side by side, in a show ring, the judge will be searching for a certain style and presentation. Cattle from brucellosis-free states do not require a test to enter Oklahoma.

All livestock assigned from out of state must have a veterinary inspection certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian with the USDA-approved individual identification, breed, age, and sex of the animal. It is important to observe how some classes are judged before participating in order to become familiar with the ring procedures at each show and with the style of show preferred by the judge. This will help you comprehend what is expected of you and your steer when it comes time for judging.

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