Do Male and Female Cattle Have Horns? - A Comprehensive Guide

Cattle, both male and female, are born with horns. It is a common misconception that adult female cows do not have them, when in fact they do. The horns of cows are not like the horns of deer, as they do not shed seasonally. Horns are an extension of the cow's sinus cavity and help them smell, identify and digest food.

They are also unique to each animal, as the horns twist in a unique way following the internal spiral of the paranasal sinuses. The reason why some female cows appear to have no horns is because they were removed when they were young. This is common practice in the industry, particularly for breeds such as Holstein, to prevent other cows or farmers from being injured during milking. However, it is worth noting that not all breeds of cows have natural horns. For example, some breeds, such as the Hereford people surveyed, lack horns. At the same time, some owners prefer hornless livestock to avoid potential hazards or injuries.

We prefer to let them be and believe that a humane and natural treatment produces healthier and better-tasting meat. In conclusion, the answer is yes - female cows are like their male counterparts and have horns. However, some breeds may have their horns removed when they are young.

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