What is the Ideal Leg Structure for an Oklahoma Show Steer?

The When it comes to selecting a show steer for Oklahoma, it's important to evaluate the animal's structural strength from the ground up. First, take a look at the size of the animal's legs. Is the foot small and on a limited amount of bone? Or is it large and square with adequate bone? You want an animal that stands on a strong, square foot, that is well placed in the wedge and that has plenty of flexibility. To assess this, watch the steer or heifer walk.

When examining the skeleton, make sure the animal is properly aligned with the angle of the shoulder and that the knee has the right curvature to form a banana or crescent shape. Additionally, ensure that the animal can move freely up to the hip and hind leg. Finally, check for natural, smooth joints as large joints can indicate potential structural problems that may reduce its value in the long run. After assessing structure, you'll need to look at muscle shape.

Amanda Endres
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